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Explore exhibits featuring the most extreme wildlife habitats in the world.

Travel around the world during your visit to the Wonders of Wildlife Wildlife Galleries. State-of-the-art 4D dioramas will completely surround you with the sights, sounds and smells of the planet's most extreme wildlife habitats. Each environment features meticulous attention to detail, including massive hand-painted murals, native foliage and special effects that deliver the chill of the Arctic and the dry sun of the African Savanna.

Inspired by Johnny Morris' lifetime spent in nature and his deep admiration for fellow hunter and angler conservationists, the Wildlife Galleries educate visitors on the importance of wildlife habitats and management.

Pro Tip! We recommend starting your visit at the Wildlife Galleries for the most immersive and comprehensive experience. This also provides a natural transition into the Aquarium. The entrance to the Wildlife Galleries is located inside Bass Pro Shops.

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American Bison

Welcome to the Animal Kingdom

Stand in awe observing a variety of habitats from around the world, including leopards perched high above the ground observing their prey, muskox fighting off a pack of wolves beneath the northern lights and wildebeests battling with crocodiles at a watering hole.

Our Exhibits

Wildlife Galleries Native American Gallery Entrance

Native American Hall

See the story of North America’s first people of conservation as you walk through Native American Hall. Illustrating the deep connection between mankind and nature, this reverent space shares the value of being one with our land.

Wildlife Galleries - Theodore Roosevelts Cabin

Theodore Roosevelt’s Cabin

Step into the past and inside the cabin of “Conservation President” Theodore Roosevelt. In this replica of Theodore Roosevelt’s Maltese Cross Cabin, you’ll learn about his historic legacy and view authentic artifacts from his life.

Lewis and Clark Collection Exhibit

The Lewis and Clark Collection

Experience the work of Charles Fritz, one of the nation’s most respected Western artists. He painstakingly brought the Journals of Lewis and Clark to life through 100 paintings, offering a dramatic visual experience of the historic expedition.

Wildlife Galleries - Denali National Park

National Parks

Journey to National Parks, an exhibit that serves as a window into some of the most awe-inspiring national treasures in America, to learn about the importance of conserving public lands that serve and protect our wildlife, plants and historical sites.

The Boone and Crockett Club Exhibit at Wonders of Wildlife

Boone and Crockett

Take a look back in time at Boone and Crockett Club’s National Collection of Heads and Horns, founded by Theodore Roosevelt. This collection features over 40 historically significant North American game animals that helped spark America’s conservation movement in the 1920s.

Wildlife Galleries - Bucks and Bulls

Bucks and Bulls

Take in the awe of the foremost collection of world-record whitetail deer with a rotating collection of over 200 of the world’s finest specimens. Highlights of Bucks and Bulls include three current world-record trophies and a display showcasing the whitetails deer throughout its stages of life.

Wildlife Galleries - Game Birds

Game Birds

Explore this dramatic diorama highlighting the conservation efforts of the National Wild Turkey Federation as it showcases turkey and grouse species of North America within the sprawling branches of a Southern Live Oak.

Year of the Bird - Special Exhibit

Year of the Bird

Take flight in this exhibition as you learn of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act passed by Congress years ago to protect birds from meaningless killing. It is the most powerful and important bird-protection law ever passed.

Wildlife Galleries - Sheep Mountain

Sheep Mountain

View the personal collection of avid hunter-adventurer Arthur Dubs in this display of 40 record-setting wild sheep against a breathtaking mural and dramatic climate conditions. Take notice of the sounds from the mountains and scents from the wild.

Wildlife Galleries - Polar Expedition

Polar Expedition and Penguin Cove

Take in the beauty of the north and south poles, including a colony of live penguins. Playful and fun, the birds will remind you of the planet’s natural beauty worth exploring, protecting and sharing with future generations.

Wildlife Galleries - Great African Hall - Elephants

Great African Hall

Immerse yourself in the daily drama of the African savanna with an array of animals including elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, zebras and more as a tribute to the importance of African wildlife conservation.

Wildlife Galleries Africa at Night

Africa After Dark

Step into a historic safari camp site that recreates the thrill of camping in the wild. Eagle eyes can spot nocturnal African mammals throughout the space including lions, hippos, bongos and bush pig.

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