WOW School

WOW National Outdoor Recreation and Conservation Schools

Weekend Outdoor recreation programs for the whole family.

WOW National Outdoor Recreation and Conservation Schools are weekend programs designed to teach families how to enjoy a wide range of outdoor recreation activities while practicing personal safety and outdoor responsibility. Four schools are taught annually across the state of Missouri.

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Family camping outside during wow school

Learn Exciting Outdoor Skills

WOW teaches through hands-on learning experience in an outdoor setting attracting a wide range of ages, interests and abilities making it an affordable family outing with an educational experience.

Each year, WOW school will be taught in 4 locations across the state of Missouri.

Upcoming WOW School Events

St. Louis School

Event Dates

APRIL 29th

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Kansas City School

Event Dates

October 14th

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Roaring River School

Event Dates

October 6th-8th

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Financial Aid Scholarships

The Wonders of Wildlife Financial Scholarship is intended to allow under-resourced children to take part in Conservation EdVenture Programs. Each request will be reviewed and awarded based on need by the Director of Conservation Programs.

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If you have questions about our educational offerings or are interested in booking an experience, please contact our education department.