Off-Site Education Programs

Can’t come to us? We'll bring Wonders of Wildlife to you.

Our outreach programs bring Wonders of Wildlife to your own space! Our qualified educators will bring conservation to life for your students, guests or youth groups. The traveling outreach programs are designed to engage and entertain your guests with live animal ambassadors and engaging presentations.

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MILEAGE - If your location is within 25 miles of Springfield, MO (50 miles round trip), travel expenses are included in the cost of the outreach program. If the distance exceeds 25 miles one way, an additional charge will be assessed at the time of booking according to the distance to your facility. 

Up to 50 Students

Classroom EdVentures

Classroom EdVentures are designed for one or two classrooms with a maximum of 50 students. Our educator will instruct students in the school classroom to help meet the Missouri Science curriculum standards.

Pre-K - Kindergarten

$125 + mileage

Program Includes:

  • 30-minute animal presentation
  • 2-3 live animals
  • Add a second program (same topic) for only $75
  • Up to 4 programs in one day (must be consecutive)

1st Grade - High School

$150 + mileage

Program Includes:

  • 60-minute animal presentation
  • 3-4 live animals
  • Add a second program (same topic) for only $100
  • Up to 4 programs in one day (must be consecutive)
50+ Students

Large Group EdVentures

Designed for larger groups of students, these programs take place as a presentation or meet and greet with our animals.


$250 + mileage

Our educator will present live animals in your school’s auditorium or gym and address the four basic things that all living things need in order to survive: food, water, shelter and space.

Program Includes:

  • 60-minute live animal presentation
  • 4-5 live animals
  • Add a second program (same topic) for only $150
  • Up to 4 programs in one day (must be consecutive)

Meet & Greet

$150 + mileage

Our animal ambassadors and volunteers will be stationed around the event space or entry area allowing your guests to approach and interact as they please.

Program Includes:

  • 60-minute live animal Meet & Greet
  • 3-4 live animals
  • 4-hour max
  • Wonders of Wildlife info booth (optional)
  • $75 each additional hour
2023 Library Summer Theme

All Together Now

Wonders of Wildlife is excited to provide a unique and explorative experience highlighting how animals work together in the wild.



Grab a friend and virtually explore the art of living together with Wonders of Wildlife! Animals of all shapes and sizes work together to form lifelong relationships. During this virtual EDventure we learn about the importance of teamwork in the animal kingdom.

This EDventure can be found on our Virtual EDventure page form

Book and a Beast

Animal Teams

During the Program “Animal Teams: How Amazing Animals Work Together in the Wild” will be read and children will have the opportunity to meet live animals and touch artifacts such as a wolf skull, rabbit pelt, and more!

Live Animal Program

Let's Stick Together

Birds of a feather, stick together! Grab your friends and explore amazing animals that love staying together. In the EDventure you'll want to pull your friends close as we learn about the importance of all sticking together.

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