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Our priority, as the most immersive nonprofit conservation attraction in the world, is to inspire the next generation of conservationists.

Bring your students to Wonders of Wildlife to experience the outdoors and conservation up close. With a variety of resource and planning materials for educators, our team is dedicated to making your group's visit seamless.

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Please be advised as you are planning your field trip that the Stingray Touch Exhibit will be
closed for improvements from April 3 – May 1, 2024.
During this time, students will still be able to engage with the virtual aquarium coloring exhibit and
interactive learning stations. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
*These dates are subject to change

Field Trip Tour Options

Wonders of Wildlife

Guide your students through the entire Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium experience. With 1.5 miles of paths, WOW will bring you up close to over 800 species of animals and eye-to-eye with the greatest collection of record-setting game animals ever assembled. Tours celebrate conservation efforts across the globe and inspire visitors to enjoy the great outdoors.

*Includes both the Aquarium and Wildlife Galleries tours, allowing for a break in between

Behind the Scenes

  • 1.5 Hour
  • Guided Tour
  • Ages 5th Grade+
  • +$10

Experience WOW in a new way—behind the scenes! One of our talented team members will give you a look at our back-of-house areas and the equipment we use to provide top of the line aquatic habitats. Students will learn about water chemistry, veterinary care, diet calculation and filtration practices.

Live Animal EdVentures

  • 20-80 Participants
  • $5/student  $3/chaperone

Meet some of the WOW Animal Ambassadors and introduce or expand your students’ knowledge with hands-on activity stations. This program is designed to meet the Missouri curriculum standards and you will choose your topic based on your students’ grade.

Mission Conservation

  • Price: $5 per device
  • Limit 35 devices
  • Using personal device is FREE

Conservation and Technology combine with Mission Conservation! Enhance your field trip with a self-guided digital scavenger hunt using the Agents of Discovery mobile gaming app. Agents of Discovery is an augmented reality, gaming platform that provides educational content in a fun and active way! Missions are available to play at each of the Johnny Morris Conservation Attractions including Wonders of Wildlife, Dogwood Canyon, and the Lost Canyon Cave Trail and Ancient Ozarks Museum at Top of the Rock.

Download the app from Google Play or the App Store to your personal mobile devices, or reserve a class set of devices to use during your visit.

Field Trip Labs

Cow Eye Dissection (5th grade to High School)

  • 1.5 Hour Program
  • $10 per student plus specimen cost

Do you think both nocturnal and diurnal animals have the same type of eyes, or are they different? Come take a look at the difference between nocturnal and diurnal animals by engaging with a couple of our education ambassadors. During this dissection lab, you will look at the external and internal anatomy of a cow eye. So, are they the same or are they different?

Frog Dissection (5th grade to High School)

  • 1.5 Hour Program
  • $10 per student plus specimen cost

They can breathe and drink through their skin, grow lungs from gills, and give scientists a good idea of how an ecosystem is functioning. Learn the internal and external anatomy through a frog dissection. Discover the unique characteristics of amphibians while engaging with live animal ambassadors.

Squid Dissection (5th grade to High School)

  • 1.5 Hour Program
  • $10 per student plus specimen cost

Through artifacts, you will discover what invertebrates call the ocean their home. We will examine some of the unique features that squid possess. From the pen that gives them support to the ink that helps them disappear. During this dissection you will look at the external and internal anatomy of a squid.

Owl Pellets Dissection (5th grade to High School)

  • 1.5 Hour Program
  • $10 per student plus specimen cost

This lab will reveal an owl’s diet through the dissection of an owl pellet. Students will learn about predator and prey interactions and the adaptations an owl has that makes it a great hunter. With the help of animal ambassadors, we will learn about other predators of the sky.

Shark Dissection (5th grade to High School)

  • 2 Hour Program
  • $15 per student plus specimen cost

Did you know a shark can have up to 25,000 teeth in their lifetime?  Examine teeth and other artifacts to discover how they work. Teeth and other adaptations make them a top predator in the ocean ecosystem. To better understand what makes them the lethal hunter, we will dissect a shark.

Rat Dissection (5th grade to High School)

  • 2 Hour Program
  • $15 per student plus specimen cost

Birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals are the five vertebrate classes. Learn what characteristics make the classes different from each other with live animal encounters and artifacts. During this lab, you will discover the internal workings of a mammal through a rat dissection.

Financial Aid: Explore the Ozarks Grant

The Explore the Ozarks Fund is dedicated to creating and providing access to experiential conservation education opportunities for K-12 students in the Ozarks. Click on the button below to submit your financial aid request.

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