Aquarium Adventure

Make a Splash in Nature

Get inspired by hundreds of species in their unique habitats.

Take yourself on this one-of-a-kind aquatic expedition expanding the globe's oceans, lakes and streams. Along the way, you'll lock eyes with some of the world's most interesting species.

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Sea Turtle

Exotic Wildlife Up Close

As you journey through the Aquarium Adventure, you'll encounter some of the most unique habitats and species in the world. You'll also learn about the role conservation plays in improving marine habitats in local lakes, rivers, streams and the ocean.

Our Exhibits

Aquarium Adventure - Entrance

Great Oceans Hall

Your journey begins inside the breathtaking Great Oceans Hall, bringing the depths of the ocean to the middle of America. Explore historic fishing boats that belonged to Ernest Hemingway and Zane Grey.

Aquarium Adventure Great Oceans Hall

Open Ocean

Next, step inside the Open Ocean, a circular fish freeway you can observe from the center. Don’t miss the living bait ball where 6,000 herring swim in formation to confuse and intimidate potential predators.

Aquarium Adventure Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Discover Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, a three-story saltwater aquarium teeming with colorful reef fish including Maori wrasse, potato cod, Queensland grouper and moray eels. Look up to see a lifesize humpback whale and calf swimming overhead!

IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame Exhibit

IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame

Get an inside look at some of the sport’s most accomplished men and women through interactive exhibits, personal artifacts and masterfully recreated world-record fish mounts from both freshwater and saltwater.

Aquarium Adventure Hall of Fishing Presidents

Hall of Fishing Presidents

View historic photos and artifacts from U.S. Presidents enjoying one of America’s greatest pastimes with a rod and reel in hand. And, don’t miss Bass Force One – a Tracker boat Johnny Morris, WOW founder, gifted to George W. Bush.

Aquarium Adventure Shipwreck

Shipwreck Reef

Plunge to the depths of the ocean floor and explore a sunken shipwreck now home to colorful reef creatures including eels, goliath grouper, lobsters and more. You’ll even be able to touch stingrays that circle the bottom of the ocean.

Aquarium Adventure - Swamp at Night

Swamp at Night

Transport yourself to the murky swamps of the southeastern United States as you’re surrounded by two-story cypress trees and nocturnal animals like owls, alligators, beaver, black bear and more.

Aquarium Adventure - Under River Experience

Rivers & Streams

Explore the Ozarks through its rivers and streams, where you’ll encounter wildlife like a playful pack of river otters. The great outdoors come to life with a trout stream and a lake filled with paddlefish, sturgeon and bass.

Aquarium Adventure Florida Mangroves


See what life is like within coastal mangroves, where a complex tangle of roots provides a sturdy structure home to diverse marine life that also protects the coastline from erosion.

Aquarium Adventure Out to Sea Upper Level

Out to Sea

Imagine you’re out on coastal waters and view sharks, goliath grouper and dozens of colorful reef fish. Test the waters even more with our immersive Out to Sea Shark Dive experience and go underwater in a cage as sharks swim around you.

Aquarium Adventure - Amazon Red Piranhas

The Amazon Rainforest

Admire incredible animals like poison dart frogs, red-bellied piranhas, aracari toucans, a green anaconda and more in the Amazon Rainforest. Within, you’ll learn why the Amazon is known as the “lungs of the planet” and how incredible the biodiversity is in this area.

National Bass Fishing Hall of Fame Exhibit at Wonders of Wildlife

The Bass Fishing Hall of Fame

Join us in celebrating and promoting the sport of bass fishing! This is a must-see of anglers and fans around the world.

Aquarium Adventure - Under River Experience

Under River

Stand at the bottom of a flowing freshwater river as bass, walleye, gar and other fish swim alongside and above you. This exhibit was featured on the Animal Planet’s hit show TANKED.

Aquarium Adventure - River Monsters

Community Pond

Peek beneath the surface of local rivers and streams as you meet paddlefish, sturgeon bass and gar. You may even spot one of our divers feeding fish!

Aquarium Adventure Marvels of the Deep Crabs

Marvels of the Deep

Explore some of the deep ocean’s most mesmerizing wonders like jellyfish, seahorses, spider crabs and a giant pacific octopus. You can also explore a living coral reef and seashells from around the world.

Aquarium Adventure Caves

Caves: The Dark Wonder

Journey inside a limestone cave where you’ll see Ozarks topography and encounter bats and blind cave fish. Be sure to look up and see the sinkhole above your head!

Aquarium Adventure River Monsters

River Monsters

Walk through an underwater tunnel filled with some of the world’s largest freshwater monster fish, including a seven-foot alligator gar, giant Amazon arapaima, exclusive freshwater rays and shark catfish from Southeast Asia.

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