Outreach Programs

Let our special animal ambassadors impress your students, guests or youth group by scheduling a WILD, Wildlife for Learning and Discovery program today! This traveling outreach program is designed to engage your guests with touchable artifacts and engaging activities.

Classroom EdVenture

Option 1

  • 30 minute animal presentation
  • Pre-K through Kindergarten
  • 3-4 live animals
  • Touchable artifacts
  • Max of 50 students
  • $125 + mileage
  • Add a second program (same topic) for only $50
  • Up to 4 programs in one day (must be consecutive)

Option 2

  • 60 minute animal presentation
  • 1st grade – High school
  • 4-5 live animals
  • Touchable artifacts
  • Max of 50 students
  • $150 + mileage
  • Add a second program (same topic) for only $75
  • Up to 4 programs in one day (must be consecutive)

Auditorium EdVenture

  • Pre-K through High school
  • 1 hour animal presentation
  • 4-5 live animals
  • Minimum of 50 students
  • $250 + mileage
  • Add a second program (same topic) for only $125
  • Up to 4 programs in one day (must be consecutive)


 Choose a topic...

Pre- K - Kindergarten

On the Move: Children will discover the different ways that animals get around and even have a chance to move just like them!

Forest Friends: Let’s hike through the Ozark’s dominant habitat and find out what parts of the forest are alive and what parts are not.

Animal Introductions: Learn what makes reptiles, birds, and mammals unique.

1st - 2nd Grade

Paws and Claws: Discover the different ways animals use their feet.

Growing Pains: Join us for an adventure into the world of metamorphosis as we discuss animal life cycles.

Animal Appetites: Explore the fundamentals of the food chain as we have an up-close encounter with live predators and prey.

3rd - 4th Grade

Nature’s Niches: Uncover dynamic relationships found in North America’s diverse ecosystems.

Stayin’ Alive: Investigate why animals look and behave the way they do as we discuss some amazing animal adaptations.

5th - 6th Grade

The Resource Connection: Explore the valuable resources found in Ozarks’ forests, caves, and waterways.

Vertebrates Have Class: Examine the process of scientific classification, from its history to its importance in organizing the world’s vertebrate species.

1st - 6th Grade

Discovering Nature with Lewis & Clark: Learn about the many contributions Lewis and Clark made to the biological world

Wild Nights: Find out who comes out when the sun goes down as we learn about nocturnal animals and their special sensory adaptations.

Show Me Wildlife: Take a trip through Missouri’s diverse habitats and discover some of the wildlife that lives in the Show Me State.

The Slimy and the Scaly: Learn about the unique characteristics and life cycles of amphibians and reptiles and how to distinguish between them.

Wonders in the Sky: Let’s travel into the wild blue yonder and meet the different kinds of animals that fly!

7th - 12th Grade

The Human Factor: Learn how humans have impacted wild animal populations in both negative and positive ways.

Meet & Greet

Our awe-inspiring animal ambassadors are a perfect way to get a party started! They are bound to impress as they welcome your guests or mingle throughout the crowd.

1 Hour

  • 3-4 live animals
  • Touchable artifacts
  • Wonders of Wildlife info booth
  • $150 for the first hour
  • $75 each additional hour


  • To control staffing and transportation cost, there is a 25 mile distance from Springfield (50 miles round trip) in which travel expense is included in cost of outreach program
  • Beyond the 25 miles (50 miles roundtrip) from Wonders of Wildlife an additional mileage charge will be assessed at the time of booking
  • Mileage fees will be assessed based on the shortest distance from Wonders of Wildlife to the outreach facility according to Google Maps



To schedule an Outreach contact us at:

Phone: 417-225-1162
Email: gregistration@wondersofwildlife.org
600 West Sunshine Springfield, MO 65807

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