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Family Programs

Bring the whole family as we provide an educational experience like no other. Each program will inclue a 30 minute presentation from one of our world class educators. Follow along and engage with your student as you then rotate through a variety of stations that include exciting games, challenging activities, and fun crafts. Programs are desinged for students Pre-K through 4th grade, but older students are welcome. 

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

$10 per student

Chaperones are free.


March 9th

All About Fish: Fins, scales, gills and more! Dive in and make a splash as we explore all the incredible things about fish!



April 13th

Birds of Prey: High above us soar some of the most efficient hunters on Earth. In this class we’ll learn all about feathered predators, some might even stop by for a visit!



Drop-Off Programs

Drop off your student for an afternoon of learning! Each program will include age appropriate topics, games, or projects lead by our team of dedicated educators. All programs are designed to help you meet a science, art, history, or physical education requirement and engage students 5th grade through high school.

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

$10 per student + supply fee (when applicable)


March 9th

Perch Dissection: Have you ever wondered if the shape of a fish is important for migration? How do humans impact their 'water highways?' Come dissect a yellow perch and design the perfect fish highway. Supply Fee: $10



April 13th

Owl Pellet Dissection: Are you good at puzzles? If so, come try your hand a putting an animal back together using the bones found in an owl pellet! Supply cost: $5



Science Camps

Science camps offer a full day of in-depth scientific study for students 5th grade through high school. Our team will cover advanced topics in the sciences of biology, chemistry, engineering, geology, zoology, and physics; we'll even throw in some other topics like primitive skills, modern survial, and specialized outdoor recreation skills.

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

$30 per student + supply fee (when applicable)

Students should bring lunch and a water bottle


March 21st

Shark Dissection: How many bones does a shark have? Join us for an in depth dissection of this vastly misunderstood animal, to find the answer and learn just why sharks have an unjust bad reputation. Supply cost: $15



April 18th

Bird Dissection: Animals have amazing adaptations that allow them to be successful in their respective habitats. Probably the most fascinating of all, is flight. Birds are incredible creatures that master the art of flight very early on in their lives. Join us for a bird dissection as we explore the amazing features that allow birds to fly. Supply cost: $15




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