About Us

Johnny Morris, founder of Bass Pro Shops and leading conservationist, in partnership with noted conservationists from around the country, is creating a world-class destination experience in Springfield, Mo. Wonders of Wildlife will be one of the largest, most immersive conservation attractions in the world.


Anchored by an all-new aquarium adventure and dynamic wildlife galleries, the 300,000-square -foot experience recreates natural environments, with an incredible and artistic eye for detail, inviting visitors to become fully embraced in a diversity of textures, colors, lighting, sounds and smells of nature from swamps to rainforests. Visitors of all ages will engage with nature like never before. Through thoroughly immersive environments and vibrant and exciting live animal habitats, Wonders of Wildlife showcases the beauty of wildlife and celebrates the critical role responsible hunting and fishing play in conserving the great outdoors, honoring past accomplishments and ongoing efforts.


“Responsible hunters and anglers are often the unsung heroes in conservation despite playing a significant role,” said Johnny Morris, the visionary behind the experience. “Our vision is to create a world-class experience that celebrates hunting, fishing and conservation in Springfield where half of the U.S. population lives within a day’s drive.” 

The attraction consists of an all-new 1.5-million-gallon aquarium adventure showcasing thousands of live fish, mammals, reptiles and birds in a tour through the world’s underwater habitats; completely immersive wildlife galleries that bring visitors eye-to-eye with the greatest collection of record-setting big game animals ever assembled from North America, Africa and the Arctic; and a conservation education center for youth programs, conservation groups and events.

Primarily funded and operated by the Johnny Morris Foundation and located on the campus of Bass Pro Shops’ iconic flagship store in Springfield, Mo., Wonders of Wildlife is poised to become America’s Conservation Capital and a must-see destination for everyone who loves the outdoors.

Celebrating responsible hunting and fishing

Through deeply engaging experiences, Wonders of Wildlife celebrates the vital contributions of sportsmen and women to wildlife conservation and engages leading conservation partners to showcase important success stories and ongoing efforts.

The Johnny Morris Foundation hosted more than 40 of America’s conservation leaders for a National Conservation Summit in October of 2015 to contribute to the narrative of Wonders of Wildlife. With expertise ranging from wetlands and waterfowl to coastal waters and international wildlife efforts, these national conservation groups help tell the untold stories of how sustainable, responsible hunting and fishing sparked the conservation movement in the United States and continue to define conservation efforts worldwide today. Groups include the Boone & Crockett Club, Ducks Unlimited, International Game Fish Association, Missouri Department of Conservation, National Audubon Society, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and more.


America’s Conservation Capital – A must-see for outdoor enthusiasts
Wonders of Wildlife is just one component of a sprawling campus home to a number of unique amenities and experiences.

  • The John A. and Genny Morris Conservation Education Center - A 50,000-square foot meeting space for the conservation leaders of today and tomorrow.
  • The Wonders of the Ozarks Learning Facility (WOLF) School, a comprehensive outdoor learning school operated in partnership with Springfield Public Schools, Missouri Department of Conservation and Bass Pro Shops, is a national model for outdoors education. The school educates and inspires future conservation leaders by offering lucky fifth-grade students a full-time curriculum for an entire school year. While students spend significant time in nature, fully equipped classrooms and labs offer everything they need to learn while teaching them the importance of protecting the outdoors.
  • The White River Conference Center: Elaborate banquet spaces with a signature wilderness atmosphere are available for national conservation organizations as well as local community groups throughout the year. Conferences, meetings, lectures, workshops and special functions can be accommodated with a full kitchen and hospitality team to support catering and events.
  • National Outdoor Recreation and Conservation School, which runs outdoor conservation education programs for families across Missouri.

Additional Conservation Partnerships

The National Archery Hall of Fame
seeks to preserve the sport’s history and tradition with more than 1,500 artifacts including a handmade bow made by the Native American Apache leader Geronimo. By honoring the outstanding men and women in the sport, the experience sends a message that anyone can enjoy archery as a gateway to appreciating the outdoors.

NRA National Sporting Arms Museum
showcases the development and evolution of hunting arms in America from colonial times to today. This free educational gallery is one of the premier sporting arms museums in the world. Home to nearly one thousand artifacts the museum tells the story of American icons such as Lewis and Clark and Theodore Roosevelt.

Wonders of Wildlife complements its neighbor, Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. Known as the “Grandaddy” of all Bass Pro Shops, this is the largest Outdoor World location and the number one tourist attraction in Missouri, attracting four million outdoors enthusiasts each year.

Located next to Bass Pro Shops National Headquarters in Springfield, Missouri, Wonders of Wildlife is poised to become America’s Conservation Capital and a remarkable new “must-see” destination poised to become a world-class attraction for the millions who enjoy outdoor recreation.